Oregon Clean Energy Center

Lake Erie Electric of Toledo was selected by Black & Veatch to assist in constructing the Oregon Clean Energy Center (OCEC) in Lucas County, Ohio. Lake Erie Electric (LEE) and joint venture partner MJ Electric (MJE), took over all commodity installations previously performed by Black & Veatch Electrical. During the 5 months on site LEE and MJE have installed 1.4 million feet of cable, and installed 60,000 terminations. In addition to the completion of the electrical construction effort, LEE and MJE have been instrumental in support of system start up. Since arriving on site in late September, LEE and MJE are on pace to complete 120,000, recordable injury free, man hours by March 2017. Peak manpower reached 168 electricians of the total 925 tradesmen on site.

The Oregon Clean Energy Center is an 869 MW facility that will provide electricity for growing manufacturing and residential use. The OCEC will utilize two high-efficiency Siemens combustion turbine generators (CTGs), two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and a Siemens steam turbine. To increase power output, the HRSGs are equipped with supplemental firing and the gas turbines are equipped with evaporative coolers. The Siemens H class combustion turbines are being installed in a two-on-one combined-cycle configuration. The OCEC replaces generation from several aging coal-fired power plants in the region that are being retired. Construction began in November 2014 and is expected to begin commercial operations by July 2017.