Lake Erie Electric is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Lake Erie Electric completed the required changes to its quality Management System to adhere to the new ISO guidelines.  It was eye opening to see Lake Erie Electric’s culture was already in alignment with the new ISO standards.  While many companies have to complete a significant overhaul to their Quality Process, Lake Erie Electric made the transition seamless by already having focus on employee engagement, leadership and process integration.  ISO 9000 standards provides the requirements for an organizational quality management system. Companies abiding by these standards can ensure that their services consistently meet/exceed their customer’s expectations.

ISO 9001:2015 is the newest standard.  Changes to the system call for the companies to be more engaged and communicate with stakeholders, which include customers, partners and suppliers.  The company is expected to serve their customers with consistent quality and to collaborate with suppliers and partners to improve the process.  Lake Erie Electric has been committed to this process for many years prior to the new standard.

Lake Erie Electric is very proud to have been certified for the last eighteen years.  We strongly believe our Quality Management System is a factor that increases our ability to exceed our customer expectations and deliver, consistently, world class service.