Rock Hall Renovation – Cleveland, Ohio

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has rolled out a series of renovations to create a transformative and multidimensional experience for music fans and visitors from all over the world. Our team successfully completed the multi-phase renovations that have given a bold new look to the Rock Hall. The first phase included the relocation of a café to a bigger space on the first floor, which is open to the public without the ticket admission. Our crew installed a 75KVA transformer and 200A panel along with approximately 50 light fixtures suspended from a light truss which was made up of uni-strut hanging from cables. The new “All Access Café” was completed for the memorial weekend.

The 2nd phase was the construction of a new theater that hosts an epic signature hall of fame experience. The theater is located on the 3rd floor and continues up to the fourth floor. Our crew worked for 10 weeks in total to install five 100A relay/power panel for lighting and for providing power to various theater equipment. They also replaced an existing 480V distribution panel and few 120/208V 200A panels. The Rock Hall Signature Experience that features concert– quality sound, larger-than-life -video screens and fan interactivity was completed and opened to the public on July 1st.

The third phase renovation included the replacement of exterior lighting. Our electricians climbed up the 120’ pole to change 16 light fixtures in total. They also replaced the four lake bollards along with the light fixtures on it. Since the lake bollards were on the water, a 24’ long boat was rented to work on it. The exterior renovation was completed on July 7th.